3 Reasons Why Your Child Need a Language Partner

It’s true that learning a language like Mandarin Chinese can be quite a challenge for kids, we’ve talked about this many times before. Yet, having the support from friends while learning a new language can help. In fact, this is not only a bonus but a necessity to kids. Today we are listing the three reasons why kids should learn with their friends.

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Language-learning partners can be a great source of support for your child.

Here are 3 ways that learning with partners can help:

NO.1 Friends help each other stay on the right track.

When the initial excitement of studying something new fades, it’s easy for young children to give up. Research has shown that students who learn collaboratively are more actively involved in the learning process and more likely to stay interested in the subject. *

NO.2 Studying together increases learning and retention.

Another significant benefit of learning with friends is that it helps extend the learning outside of class. Students can get help from each other with questions they are having, and continue their communications in later terms. Through interacting with each other in an instructed mode, students get more exposure to the materials and develop confidence on the subject matter.

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NO.3 Friends make learning fun.

Along the learning journey, there will be moments of frustration and self-doubts. Language-learning friends can help transform these moments into fond memories. There will be the proud moments when your kids finally work up the nerve to mutter a difficult expression and are understood by their peers. There will also be moments they laugh at each other for making a funny grammar mistake and decide to keep it an insider’s joke between themselves.

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That’s why we suggest embarking on a Chinese learning journey with a friend.

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