Six Great Chinese Picture Books for Children

As children learn to read in any language, engaging and colorful picture books are important. They help children to understand the contents of the story better, stay motivated when learning, and can broaden their knowledge of the world. Today, we would like to recommend 6 picture books for our children learning Chinese. Three of them feature animals and three are traditional Chinese stories. Let’s get started!

猴子捞月 The Monkeys Fish for the Moon

This story begins with a group of playful monkeys near a river. Suddenly, they noticed that the moon was in the river. They worried about the safety of the moon and tried to save it and put it back into the sky. What do you think happened? Read the book and find out!

小马过河 A Little Pony Crosses the River

In this book, a sweet little pony is out for a walk and needs to cross a river. The river is quite wide, and the current is very strong. Since it is his first time crossing the river, he does not know if he can make it. Does the pony successfully cross the river? Read the picture book and see!

老虎和狐狸 The Tiger and the Fox

This clever tale takes place in the forest, where lives a strong and fearsome tiger. One day, the hungry tiger nabbed a fox for his meal and was planning to eat him. The fox said that he was the king of the forest and that the tiger should not eat him. Suspicious of this, the tiger decided to follow the fox to see if it was true. What happened next? Read the picture book and learn more.

八仙过海  Eight Immortals Cross the Sea

This picture book is based on an ancient myth. Eight Chinese immortals needed to cross the sea, and they each used different methods to do so. Who was successful? What about the god of the sea- did he let them past? Read it now to discover more!

十二生肖 12 Zodiac Animals

The Chinese zodiac, or Sheng Xiao, is made up of 12 zodiac animals. In order, they are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Why these animals and why was the rat first? Our picture book will help your child to understand the origin of the Chinese horoscopes through an engaging and colorful story.

猪八戒吃西瓜 The Story about Pigsy Who Ate Watermelons

This story is from Journey to the West, one of the most famous novels in China. In this story, Pigsy and the Monkey King go out to look for food. Pigsy found watermelon and he knew he should share the watermelon with his fellow travelers. Did he successfully resist the temptation to eat the watermelon? Take a peek and find out!

All the above picture books can be found in Lingo Bus Library, sign up with Lingo Bus and get access to them. Do you have any favorite Chinese picture books? Let us know in the comments!

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