Top 5 Language Learning Games to Help Children Learn Chinese

Not only has it been proven but it’s a well-known fact that we learn better and are more productive when we are doing something that we enjoy. This is especially true for children. If you are unable to capture their attention with educational but fun material, it’s likely they will loose interest. There’s nothing more fun than games! So here is a small list of some Chinese language learning games that you can try with your children!

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If you need further proof just think back to your school days, didn’t you learn more in classes whose teacher you liked and found interesting?

Those of you who take Lingo Bus’ online Chinese classes will have seen this first hand. How fun, interactive, and engaging classes can help students to improve their Mandarin Chinese fast! We also provide our students with lots of further study materials to help them with their personal Chinese studies. However, as we’ve mentioned many times before, if you want to see progress in any field of studies you need continuous study.

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Chineasy tile game

You might know about Chineasy already! They focus on reading and writing but have started to branch into speaking and listening. Chineasy approaches Chinese learning through immersive play to teach Chinese language using fun imagery and storytelling. They started out with a book designed for adults but now have materials for children. Their tile game is worthy of mention, students use the tiles as building blocks and are introduced to the most essential characters with hundreds of word combinations through a visualization method. On their website they also provide a parent’s guide so that you and your children can get the most out of the game. If your children enjoy this, they might also like their story building app!

Fun Chinese

A Mandarin Chinese game-based learning app with 15 different languages combination not just English-Chinese. Although the teaching material is in Chinese, instructions will be given in whatever language you have set as your ‘preferred language’. Making it extremely useful for families who speak other languages.  Theme words and phrases are the main content for this app with a few simple sentences from the free version, which you can try to see if your child enjoys it. The app has specific units that once completed allow the student to unlock the next one. The app also provides the students with a new daily game.

5 little ducks

This app is useful for younger children, it’s based in lessons and each lesson has three interactive activities, vocab, song, and a quiz. There’s plenty of stuff for students to press to find out more, the song especially is a lot of fun as the students must drag and drop and move the little ducks to the lyrics. The app is easy and accessible to use but may get a little repetitive in what students are required to do.

Online learning websites

There are plenty of educational websites that provide games and activities for children.

Such as the BBC mandarin website, which although limited has some fun games based on specific vocabulary for students to play online for free. Students or parents can also access extra materials such as worksheets and videos based on the games.


Chinese food 1 and 2

Although this game was not created to teach Chinese language it can be used as a support tool. In this game students can select a dish and then cook it through app by following the steps. This game can be used to introduce typical Chinese dishes and food item names (although parents will need to provide these).

These are just some simple games you can use to further support your child’s Chinese learning with Lingo Bus! LingoBus’ve compiled a list of 15 popular and unique children songs in Chinese.

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