Easy Learn Chinese – 15 Chinese Songs for Kids

Listening to songs can be a great way to learn a new language and Chinese is no exception. We’ve compiled a list of 15 popular and unique children songs in Chinese that we think you will truly enjoy. These easy to learn Chinese songs for kids are fun and engaging for children. Some you may even recognize!

1) If You’re Happy and You Know It

This classic song will have your children singing along quickly! Your children are sure to enjoy it. Our video includes a cute animated dragon and panda singing along with subtitles.

Watch and listen here:

2) Row Row Row Your Boat

This song is our take on the classic childrens’ song “Row Row Row Your Boat”. You will notice new Chinese vocabulary and phrases are included in this spin on the song. It includes pinyin and character subtitles in Chinese.

Watch and listen here :

3)  Where is the Spring?

Watch our adorable dragon and panda animation cartoon friends since this song about spring! Your child will learn typical vocabulary associated with spring season and will love the colorful cartoons. It includes subtitles in Chinese and English.

Watch and listen here :

4) New Year Day

This fun song sung by our very own Peter describes what people do on Chinese New Year Day. Your child will learn vocabularly about traditional Chinese New Year customs. It also includes fun animation featuring our Lingo Bus mascots and has subtitles in pinyin, Chinese characters and English. Here are the 5 best Chinese films of all time! Enjoy them.

Watch and listen here :

5) Congratulations

Our dragon and panda friends join us again for this Chinese childrens’ song about Chinese New Year and the transition from winter to spring. Your child will be introduced to vocabulary and phrases regarding the changing of the seasons. It contains subtitles in Chinese characters and English.

Watch and listen here :

6) Back to School

We love this super fun back to school song with our Lingo Bus staff! Your child will learn vocabulary and phrases about going back to school. It includes subtitles in pinyin and Chinese characters.

Watch and listen here :

7) Spring is here

More staff from Lingo Bus sing a song about the coming of spring with fun animations. See if you can recognize the tune of the song! This is another It includes subtitles in pinyin and Chinese characters.

Watch and listen here :

8) How much?

This is a fun song along with Lingo Bus staff and animation to a tune you might recognize. It is about eating and can teach phrases about eating and how much of something you have. It includes subtitles in pinyin and Chinese characters.

Watch and listen here :

9) Time to get up

We recommend learning this song as something fun to sing first thing in the morning to practice your Chinese! Your child can learn vocabulary relative to waking and getting ready for the day. Our Lingo Bus staff sing along to a familiar tune and it includes pinyin and Chinese character subtitles.

Watch and listen here :

10) Counting Ducks

If you want to practice your beginning numbers in Chinese then this song is perfect for you! It will assist your children in reinforcing their knowledge of Chinese number vocabulary and pronunciation. The fun animation with our dragon and panda friends includes pinyin, Chinese character and English subtitles.

Watch and listen here :

11)  My family

This song can help you to learn about family titles! It talks about typical family members and how to say common familial titles. Join our Lingo Bus staff as they sing this great Chinese childrens’ song. It has pinyin and Chinese character subtitles.

12)   Which Country Are You From?

This Chinese childrens’ song is great for teaching how to tell someone what country you are from in Chinese! It teaches the phrases of how to introduce your country of origin. Entertaining animation and our Lingo Bus staff sing the song with pinyin and Chinese character subtitles.

Watch and listen here :

13)   What Date is it Today?

If you would like your child to learn how to ask about the date then this song is perfect! It has a lovely tune and is sung by two Lingo Bus staff. This song provides some of the necessary vocabulary and phrases needed to discuss the date. They act out the song and use cute cartoons to help your child understand the lyrics meanings. There are also subtitles in pinyin and Chinese characters.

Watch and listen here :

14)   Going to Hong Kong

This song is very enjoyable because it discusses going to Hong Kong! If your child is interested in different Chinese cities then we think they will love this song. There are sweet lyrics about eating and doing different activities while in Hong Kong. It also has pinyin and Chinese character subtitles to sing along with.

Watch and listen here :

15) Going to Beijing

The last song that we suggest also is about a famous Chinese city and the capitol of China, Beijing. This song also discusses the most famous and historic Chinese city and what you can see or do there. If you ever visit China then Beijing should surely be on your list of cities to visit. Make sure you learn this song about the city of Beijing so you can also sing along with your children! It includes pinyin and Chinese character subtitles to help you sing along.

Watch and listen here :

All these songs will help you to expand your Chinese language vocabulary and are very catchy! Your child will be singing along in no time (and you may be too!) They are easy to learn and allow your child to engage in the songs. Singing songs in another language can help retention of the language and reinforce previously learned vocabulary. We hope these songs are fun for your whole family to sing!

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