Must-Watch 10 Chinese Dramas for Kids in 2020

Watching Chinese dramas is a national pastime in China. Like anything linked to China, it has long roots you can trace back in its long history. Just because kids are young doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a good drama!

It is special because they revolve around mostly speaking and dialogues between characters. Because of this they are a great tool for language learning. Chinese dramas for kids are a great way to introduce natural native-like dialogues to your children in a fun way. Chinese Podcasts also provide a great way to learn and hear Chinese phrases, tones, and pick up on nuances in the Chinese language.

So here our our top Chinese dramas for kids:

1-Boonie Bears: Blast into the past (熊出没原始时代 Xióngchūmé yuánshǐ shídài)

Boonie Bears
From dmw365

A favorite in Chinese drama that is extremely popular with Chinese children and on our blog! We have previously introduced this cartoon, so some of you may know (the name also suggests it) it’s about bears. Although we are suggesting the film, this is actually based on a series that features two bears, Briar and Bramble. They spend all their time trying to stop Logger Vick from destroying their beautiful forest home. The series is very short, it’s made up of 13 minute clips and is the most popular children’s show currently in China!

In this film we follow Briar and Bramble in an adventure in the past as they get separated from each other! As they try to get back together they run into all sorts of trouble. They have new foes to fight, but also new allies like a brave wolf named FeiFei. This film will sure be a hit with your children.

2- Rainbow Ruby (彩虹宝宝 Cǎihóng bǎobǎo)

Rainbow Ruby - Chinese Drama for kids

A CGI animation it follows a little girl called Ruby! It usually starts in her house where she gets asked for help by the Rainbow village mayor Ling Ling. With the help of her special teddy bear, Choco, she travels to the village to hear how she can help. A quick change of clothes and she’s on her way. From becoming a lifeguard to help Ling Ling how to swim to keeping everyone safe from monsters. Ruby is a helpful hero that your kids will love.

3- Animal Chorus (动物合唱团 Dòngwù héchàngtuán)

 Animal Chorus - Chinese Drama for kids

The Animal Chorus is based on… you got it an animal choir! Their famous members, a panda named Meimei and a Parrot called Xue who drive the music bus and many other characters. As the choir gets stuck in the mud they gather the help of the animals in the forest. To express their gratitude, they sing their famous songs. It features music and travel, if your child loves to sing and dance then this is the Chinese drama for them.

4- SuperBOOMi (超级小熊布迷 Chāojí xiǎoxióng bùmí)

SuperBOOMi - Chinese Drama for kids

Like Boonie bears the episodes of this show are short and aimed at children between 4-8 years old. It follows a small hero and his partner who spend their time protecting a toy from a bad guy. Sounds similar right?

This animation mixes history, mythology, and technology to create imaginative storylines that will keep your children hooked.

5- GG Bond (猪猪侠 Zhūzhūxiá)

GG Bond - Chinese Drama for kids

The Chinese name might give you a guess who the character is. It’s a smart but mischievous pig! Our pig hero was born with superpowers and together with his caretaker and his amazing inventions uses them to solve problems. Unfortunately, it’s a shame that not a lot of episodes available since this is a great drama. The best thing about this Chinese drama for kids is that it tackles very difficult topics such as overpopulation, deforestation, homelessness, etc. But in a child friendly manner. Every episode ends with a moral lesson. If you want your child to learn good values and practice Chinese, then watch this.

6-CoNaBlue (海豚帮帮号 Hǎitún bāngbānghào)

CoNaBlue - Chinese Drama for kids

Aimed at a slightly younger age group (2 to 6 years old) it makes it the perfect drama for second language speakers. It introduces hard topics like science, EQ all done through adventure. It follows a team, with a special dolphin that has different EQ abilities through challenges around the earth. Its emphasis is teaching children to working together as a team and solving problems.

7- Zack and Quack (扎克和呱呱 Zhākè hé guāguā)

Zack and Quack

This follows the two friends Zack and of course Quack, and is now also available in the US. The two friends explore magical new worlds based on a pop ups! So like pop ups they are exciting and full of surprises.

8- Magic Matin (百变马丁 Bǎibiàn mǎdīng)

Magic Matin - Chinese Drama for kids

A Shanghai based animation that is a sequel to an anime. Slightly longer than other drams suggested at 24 minutes long, it follows a 7-year-old boy. Because of this your child will sure relate to him and his misadventures. As he wakes up every morning he is a new person, a new character and explores a completely different fantasy each day.

9- Droll’s Sinology and Chinese literature (豆乐国学小剧场 Dòulèguóxué xiǎojùchǎng)

Droll’s Sinology and Chinese literature

A large target audience (2 to 10 years old) means this drama is a hit with most children and especially good for households with multiple children. It revolves around the life of a very special family. Therefore, it has a heavy emphasis on family ties and friendships.

10- Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf (喜羊羊与灰太狼)

Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf - Chinese Drama for kids

Another extremely popular drama for kids in China. The characters get into a lot of mischief as they try to outsmart each other. The show is about a group of goats living in the very beautiful green grassland, called green green grassland. That’s because in Chinese words are repeated for emphasis. The story revolves around a big bad wolf who wants to eat them.

Introduce one of these top Chinese dramas for kids to help your child improve their Chinese.

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