The Best Free Chinese Dating Apps for 2022

A few days ago my Facebook was filled with the excitement of Valentine’s day celebrations. With lovers sharing a million lovey dovey over the top romantic posts, myself included. But also with those who are single sharing anti-Valentine days’ posts. Or other love related posts. As the day set out for lovers, it can sometimes remind those of us who are not dating that we are alone.

Did you know that after every Valentines day the rate of new users for dating apps jumps up?

It makes sense as everyone wants to find their one true love. That’s why in this blog edition, we will introduce the top Chinese dating apps.

Chinese Dating Apps for 2019

The quick development of the internet, electronic software and in the end social media, has drastically changed our lives. Whether for the good or bad that remains to be seen! The main thing it has done is connect people even more. In this respect, dating apps have changed the way we connect with a lover and the way we date. Some would argue that it’s made dating more efficient. Other’s that it’s made it less romantic. I sometimes find myself wondering what Disney princess movies would look like if they had access to dating apps.

Just imagine in a land far far away…

Cinderella’s prince finds her by matching her shoes from a tinder picture, tick, no need to search through the whole kingdom. He just needs to wait for her to match with him too!

Ariel never needs to change to a human, with a sneaky well cropped picture on OkCupid how could Eric ever know she was a mermaid except during their first date!

Aladdin joining a ‘Rich Man’ based app as Jasmines dad uses it to find her suitors, no need for the Genie.

Not quite the same ring to it right? But then again we can’t hold ourselves to the unrealistic standards of princesses! We aren’t just sitting in a castle with our long flowing hair waiting for a prince.

The good thing about dating apps is we don’t need to wait for that one specific special moment. We can create those moments ourselves. With online dating apps we’re no longer limited to finding someone special by accident with the help of the universe. We can do this whilst waiting in line for morning coffee, whilst at work (don’t tell your boss), etc. The possibilities are endless. Whereas before you had to stick to your friends’ circle and connections to introduce a suitor. With dating apps, the possibilities are amplified as you can match with a stranger. So even if you don’t end up dating you have made a new friend and expanded your social circle.

In an age where we are always running around dating apps let us use our time more effectively.

If you are planning on coming to China, your usual dating apps will not be so popular. To increase the number of date possibilities I suggest using Chinese dating apps. So why, as a language blog are we talking about dating apps!?

Well, these apps can also help you connect with others and make friends, you don’t just have to use it for dating.

But if love is in your cards…

As my Chinese teacher always said, the best way to learn a language is to have a lover who speaks it. Although, from personal experience I think my Chinese got worse after I met my husband!

Learning new languages became a key to succeeding in a connected world. Here are my top favorite language translator apps.

Here are our office staffs favorite Chinese dating apps:

1-TanTan探探 (Tàntàn)

Tantan - Top Chinese Dating Apps

Top features: Easy to use, quick matches

If you download TanTan you will find it similar if you’ve used Tinder. TanTan is very popular with younger generations, especially college students. Just like Tinder, you create a basic profile and then it’s up to you to find a match. You are presented with a person’s photo and profile and like Tinder, swipe left/right to select/eliminate this person. A conversation can only start once you have both picked each other.

Unlike the other Chinese dating apps, TanTan can be used fully in English! This is extremely useful if your Chinese is not very good.

Since last year TanTan is now also owned by the next dating app we will mention Momo.

2-Momo陌陌 (Mòmò)

Momo - Top Chinese Dating Apps

Top features: Personalized interest based matches, similar to a social media network

This is the number one app in China in terms of user number. Because of this if you could only pick one app to download this one would be it. To increase your chances of finding a suitable candidate it’s better to use an app that has a large user base. This is because it means more matches per location. So this is the one I suggest downloading.

This app has some fun features that make it almost like a social platform rather than a simple dating app. For examplemulti-media instant messages, as well as games, and much more. This app specifically gives you personalized matches based on your location. The more information you add to your profile the better your chances of finding a good match.

3-Qing Chufan请吃饭 (Qǐng chīfàn)

请吃饭 - Top Chinese Dating Apps

Top features: Simple, unique, cute, possibly the most romantic of the dating apps

If you are studying Chinese, you will know what qing chifan means! It means “please, let’s eat”, and that’s exactly what this app is used for!

The way this app works is very funny, to me it reminds me of the bachelor. It starts off by a guy proposing a dinner date, lets call him the bachelor. I say man because this actually started off with men proposing dinners but now women do that too. Once a dinner has been proposed, women sign up for it, then the bachelor picks with what woman he would like to have dinner with!

For most people dating apps have become the go-to way to date! I think it will become the new norm to have met your partner online in the future. So have fun using these Chinese dating apps to find your one true love or a new friend, and improve your Chinese skills!

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