Teaching Kids about Food in China

As you might have noticed, if there’s one thing I love, it’s Chinese food. Even now when I go home on holiday from China my stomach craves the mouthwatering Chinese food I’ve left behind. So I decided to pick three snacks to introduce to who learn Chinese or have children learning Chinese online.  It was hard to just pick three, but here are my favorites that can be found easily everywhere. Check out what languages are spoken in China.

Chinese crepes (煎饼, jiān bǐng )Chinese egg crepes

Perhaps not the healthiest of breakfasts, but I’ll be happy to admit I often start my day by picking one of these up from the street corner alongside a cup of soya milk. Imagine a huge crepe topped with an egg, sesame seeds, which then has spice and bean paste spread on the inside, finishing with some Chinese onion, a crusty fried dough sheet, and lettuce. It’s the perfect mix of the right textures and taste, crunchy yet soft, spicy with a slightly sweet and sour taste… I’m hungry just thinking about it!

Roast cold noodles (烤冷面, kǎo lěng miàn)

Roast cold noodles

A famous Northern snack that can actually be eaten with ice inside! This has become popular all over China and can be found at almost every corner from the back of converted Tuk Tuks. A pasta sheet is roasted on a hot plate over an egg and Chinese onion and sesame seeds. Just like the Chinese crepes, it’s filled with bean sauce and spice. However, the taste differs as sugar, salt, and cumin powder is spread on top. To finish, red onion and coriander are added in a line, it’s also popular to add a roast sausage to make it more filling. The pasta sheet is then folded on itself creating a long rectangle that is cut into smaller squares. It’s the perfect snack for any time of the day!

Sugar-coated Hawthorns (糖葫芦, táng hú lu)

sugar coated hawthorns

I guess I better add something sweet on the list! These are traditionally a winter snack as with the heat the caramel can become liquid again, still, it can be found all year in supermarkets. The original is Chinese hawthorn covered in a thick melted sugar, giving it a sweet and sour taste, but now different variations with many different fruits can be seen. These are perfect for selfie opportunities.

Have you heard about these Chinese snacks? What yummy snacks from your own country would you share with China?

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