Nuzar is One of the Most Famous Deities in Chinese Mythology

Nuzar, 哪吒 (nézhā), is one of the most famous deities in Chinese mythology. He became a deity as a child. His mom was pregnant for three years and gave birth to a meatball. His father cut the meatball in half and found him inside. He could walk and talk immediately after birth.


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A few years later, when he grew to be a little kid, he got into a fight with a dragon prince in the sea. During the fight, he killed the dragon prince and skinned him. The prince’s father, the dragon king sought revenge and threatened Nezha’s father who was the governor of a harbor city. He threatened to flood the whole city if Nezha’s father did not turn over Nezha. Nezha knew that it was his responsibility and did not wish to bring disaster upon his parents and the people, so he slit his throat in front of the dragon king.

Nezha’s mentor, Taiyi Zhenren, kept Nezha’s spirit from disappearing and rebuilt his body out of lotus roots. From this moment, Nezha became immortal and had the ability to fight and purify evil things.

Today he’s seen as a bit of a trouble maker, and he also represents rebellion and independence. Chinese people love his personality, therefore there are many art pieces based on his image and story. In fact, this year, a cartoon movie about him grossed 4.5 billion RMB, which is the equivalent of 635.6 million US dollars! Check out the trailer here:

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