What’s It Like Being a Mom in China

In China, most of the childcare still falls predominantly on the women as motherhood is seen as a woman’s business, and it’s a tough one! What’s it like being a mom in China?

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We all agree that education is the best tool you can give your child to help them succeed in the future, that is an understatement in China. Education is everything! It’s a widely held belief by all parents in China, education will ensure a better life for their children, and so the worries about education start before you even have a child. Some schools will pick students not just based on the children abilities but also the parents, so the pressure is on for women to be good mothers.

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But at the same time, the emphasis on education makes it easier for mothers who have to juggle a busy career as many schools offer after-school programs. The emphasis on education is one of the greatest things about education in China, there are so many options and choices! From after-school language programs to schools that focus on robotics, in China, your child has a million opportunities and many educational paths they can follow.

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Expectant mothers in China have a 3-month maternity leave and a contract block meaning they cannot be fired within a year of giving birth. This is an added protection to ensure there is no discrimination against new mothers. Hired child-minders are also not expensive so it’s easy for mothers to go back to work.

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