Hanba- the Most Powerful And the First Zombie in Chinese Mythology

Today, we are introducing you to the ultimate Chinese zombie, as Dracula is to vampires, the most powerful and the first zombie in Chinese mythology….Hanba(旱魃Hànbá)!

Back before there was modern science, people saw natural disasters as the deeds of deities. The deity of drought could cause the land to dry out for thousands of miles, and her name is Hanba. Learn the most famous snake in Chinese mythology– the white snake.

According to the legend, she is the daughter of Huangdi, who is the ancestor of all the Chinese people. Hanba is powerful and dangerous, and wherever she goes, the land she steps on becomes burning hot, and wherever she lives, there is no rain. Before China was called China, Huangdi and Chiyou were both deity leaders of two major clans on the land here.

During a war between them, Chiyou caused a massive thunderstorm, so Huangdi ordered Hanba to join the war, and when Hanba joined the battle and brought light and heat with her, the rainclouds disappeared. With the help of Hanba, Huangdi could eventually capture and kill Chiyou, making him the supreme deity.

However, Hanba lost all of her powers from this battle and could not return to the heavens. She caused massive droughts wherever she traveled, though, and was not a welcome guest anywhere she visited. Later, she was caught by an evil witch; he used her as a tool to pray for the rain from heaven by torturing her and nailing her in a coffin. She didn’t die, though, and instead turned into a powerful zombie.

A regular zombie would need to “live” for thousands of years with the right conditions to become her equal. Her appearance is truly frightening too!

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