A Comprehensive Guide to 13 Types of Chinese Noodles

Chinese love noodles!

Generally, people turn the flour into unleavened dough and cut it into different kinds of shapes. It’s the different processing methods that create the different types of Chinese noodles.

Here is the introduction to 13 classic types of Chinese noodles:

1.  Cold skin noodles (凉皮 Liángpí)

Liangpi -Chinese Noodles

It is one of the most popular snack foods in the north-west regions of China, originating from Shanxi cuisine. People always eat this dish during the summer of every year. Cold skin noodles can be made from wheat flour or rice flour. The wheat flour will make the cold skin noodles much chewier, whereas the rice flour will make them softer. Liangpi is usually mixed with cold noodles and glutens, sliced cucumber, bean sprout. Different sauces are added to the clients taste. It’s worthy trying.

2. Lamian (拉面 Lāmiàn)

LaMian-Chinese Noodles

La mian, which means “pulled noodles,” originates from the western Chinese city of Lanzhou. Nowadays, you can find it in every city of China since it is a cheap dish but tasty dish. The chef stretches and folds the dough into strands. You can choose your favorite lengths and thickness. The more stretched and folded times, the strands will be thinner and lengthier. It’s also common to serve it by adding some vinegar and spice.

3. Knife-sliced noodles (刀削面 Dāoxiāomiàn)

Knife-sliced noodles

It is also from Shanxi, a history-steeped province in the north of China. The chef holds a large block of dough downwards with one hand. The chef then shaves the noodles directly into a large pot of boiling water with the other hand. Knife-sliced noodles are thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges.

4. Fried sauce noodles (炸酱面 Zhàjiàngmiàn )

Fried Sauce Noodle

Fried sauce noodles are sold everywhere—from street vendors to restaurants. It is one of the most famous dishes in Beijing cuisine. Little pork cubes cooked in a sauce based on soybean paste, then served with noodles and various vegetables like sliced cucumber or sliced carrot.

5. Lo mein (捞面 Lāomiàn)

Lo mein

I think lo mein is the healthiest noodles since you can create a combination of almost any vegetables or meats. We can buy soft noodles from the grocery store and cook it by ourselves. This easy homemade version is even better than takeout food!

6. Fried Noodles (炒面 Chǎomiàn)

Fried Noodles

It is also an easy homemade cuisine in China. There are many varieties, cooking styles, and ingredients. One important thing to note is not to add too many of the ingredients into the dish. If you crowd your pan with too much stuff like pizza toppings, the noodles will easily become mushy or flavorless.

7. Udon (乌冬面 Wūdōngmiàn)

Udon- Chinese Noodles

Udon noodles are long, thick white noodles. Udon noodles are high-carbohydrate food. If you’re struggling with insulin resistance, it may not be the healthiest food you can consume. Udon can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

8. Rice vermicelli (米粉 Mǐfěn)

Rice vermicelli

It is a thin form of Chinese noodle made from rice. It is much more delicate and fragile than their wheat noodle counterparts. One of the most well-known varieties is called Guilin mifen, and it comes from the southern Chinese city of Guilin. Rice vermicelli is available fresh, frozen, or dried, in various shapes, thicknesses and textures.

9. Chow fun (炒河粉 Chǎohéfěn)

Chow fun

It most commonly seen in the cuisine of Southern China and Hong Kong and even overseas. A classic Chow fun noodles is made with with soy sauce, beef, and bean sprouts.

10. Tapioca noodles (木薯面条 Mùshǔmiàntiáo)

Tapioca noodles

Cassava roots are ground into a flour-like substance which is then used to make tapioca. Tapioca starch can make noodles chewier and reduce production costs.

11. Cold noodles (凉面 liángmiàn)

Cold Noodles

The food of the summer solstice. People can eat cold noodles to stimulate their Cold noodles are served after they are mixed with bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, chili oil, soy sauce, and garlic sauce and so on.

12. Hot dry noodles(热干面 Règànmiàn)

Hot Dry Noodles

It is a famous Wuhan (Chinese city) style hot sesame noodles, available in soups, fried noodles and noodle salads.

13. Hot and sour noodles (酸辣粉 Suānlàfěn)

Hot and Sour Noodles

It is one of the most famous Sichuan style hot and sour sweet potato noodles. We can buy it almost in every Chinese city. Hot and sour noodles is known for its spicy and sour taste.

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