6 Popular Languages to Learn

Since the acquisition of a foreign language(s) is of great importance in this century, its benefits cannot be overemphasized. A lot of people today are taking steps in learning new languages. But before anyone takes a step to learn a language or several languages, one must consider the best among them before embarking on learning any random language, as there are thousands of languages in the world; 6909 according to the Ethnologue Catalog of World Languages.

World Languages
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People are often faced with some difficulties in choosing the right language. Should I learn Mandarin Chinese, or should I go with a “traditional” language like French? These difficulties like not knowing the right language to choose for our own personal learning or even for our children can make it impossible to make a choice. Below are some of the best languages in the world which you should consider!

Mandarin Chinese:

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Mandarin Chinese, which is also called the standard Chinese language is the official language of China. Mandarin is used more than any other Chinese Languages in China which is the most populated country in the world as well as the country with the second largest economy in the world today. Apparently, with time, the demand for speakers of the language will grow. Moreover, Mandarin Chinese has over 960 million speakers and as such, anyone capable of speaking good Mandarin has a head start over others who aren’t when competing for an essential spot in the labor market as well as countless access to open windows in various career opportunities among others.

English Language

The English Language is the principal language of international dialogue and the lingua franca in countless regions and official contexts like law, politics, and science, with over 380 million native speakers, 400 million second language speakers and over 650 million speaking the language as a foreign language. After Standard Chinese and Spanish, the English language is the third most spoken language in the world and it is the most widely learned second language. Aside from the fact that the English language boosts one’s employment potential, it is a language that those who travel or intend to travel should learn as it is spoken in over 50 counties around the world like the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Among the languages to learn that comes with great benefits is the German language, this is the language spoken in Germany, which houses the biggest automobile brands in the world, moreover, German is known to be the economic driving force of Europe and it has about 89 to 110 million native speakers. Annually, several immigrants who seek employment opportunities in Germany fail due to the fact that they are not competent in the German language. Fortunately, German is an easy language to learn.

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French is certainly one of the languages to learn as it is spoken by over 200 million people around the globe, competence in French is vital and essential for business purposes as France remains one of the United Kingdom’s indispensable trade partners. Also, French is spoken in Africa which is rapidly growing and is rich in natural resources; hence, the French language is fundamental for international trade and other business purposes.

Eiffel Tower
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Russian is the eighth most common language spoken around the world with over 154 million native speakers; a fluent speaker of the Russian language would have an edge when it comes to making new friends and building relationships as the language broadens one’s social circle.

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 Arabic Language

Arabic, the fifth most universally spoken language globally is the language of one of the fastest growing economies in the world; there are lots of career opportunities in finance, foreign services, and journalism among others in places like Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Those fluent in the Arabic language would face less competition as there is a high demand for foreign speakers of the language with low supply.

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Which Language(s) should you learn?

Intending learners of a language should see to it that he/she picks a particular language for the right reasons. Among the top beneficial languages to learn, it is advisable that intending learners carefully consider acquiring a language that would suit their purpose for choosing to learn a language, be it business, educational, employment, cultural or social purposes etc. before going ahead with the learning process.

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